Version: 0.9.03 (Date: 2007/4/17)


- Fixed: Old and broken Ignis quests have been removed from assignment.
- Fixed: "Forbidden substances" Ignis quests have been repaired.

- Update: Spell casting is now affected by the speed of the weapon. Wait time for Warriors = weapon_speed / 1.5 - for Mages and Archers = weapon_speed / 3.
- Update: (Blunt weapons) Ribs breaker duration L1 4 segs - L2 5 segs - L3 6 segs - L4 7 segs - L5 8 segs.

- Fixed: Bonus experience message for hard difficulty creatures.
- Fixed: Only players and guards can dismount the player.
- Fixed: Player is now dismounted after rent finishes.
- Fixed: Crowd control spells no longer remove Knock and Knock back effects.

- New: (Particle effects) Option to allow the whole system to follow a reference point.
- Fixed: Memory leak while applying an User Interface theme.
- Optimization: SDB files (data files) fragmentation check takes a lot less time. [B]Server:[/B] - New: You can now buy premium items on the experimental server without actually spending any Ximerin. The player still must have at least the amount of ximerin the item costs. - Fixed: Monsters now get out of water to avoid being drowned.

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