Version: 0.9.04 (Date: 2007/4/26)


- Fixed: Desert stone arcs collision.
- Fixed: Boss loot imbalanced items.
- New: new FX summon lighting.
- New: new FX pets performance.
- New: new FX beast wrath.
- New: new FX skin of the beast.

- Fixed: If clan ranks are empty, show only the clan name.
- Fixed: Oversized particle effects. Particle effects visibility volume now refresh 5 times per second.

- Fixed: Collision is now correctly applied when mounting/dismounting.

- New: Pets now heal/rest along with its owner (Summons excluded).
- Fixed: Head of the pack bonus corrected (1% per spell level per up to 5 players).
- Fixed: Onslaught spell is stopped on impact (if not evaded, blocked, etc).
- Fixed: Interaction with objects/npcs disables the following spells: Resurrection dizziness, camouflage, stalker surroundings.
- Fixed: Resurrection dizziness wears off after attacking or casting a spell (It doesnt wear off when issuing a disconnect). Duration extended to 120 seconds.
- Fixed: Parabolic shot - 40 secs cooldown. Percentages slightly adjusted.
- Fixed: Arcane Projection - Increased range 15% to all levels. 80 secs cooldown. Durations 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 (Both have a mana cost of 60, 75, 90, 105, 120).
- Fixed: Fort doors resistance increased considerably.
- Fixed: All guards have 25% more health and 15% ranged attack bonus.

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